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Script Code : BSE-539008
Face Value: 10
Industry : Finance
Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Committee
An ISO certified company ISO 9001: 2008

Composition :
Shri. Bhavesh Premji Mamnia
Mr. Sudhir Bhikhalal Parekh
Mr. Arvind Jethalal Gala

Terms of Reference:
The Health, Safety and Environment Committee has been constituted, inter alia, to monitor and ensure maintaining the highest standards of environmental, health and safety norms and compliance with applicable pollution and environmental laws at all works / factories / locations of the Company and to recommend measures, if any, for improvement in this regard.

The Committee reviews, inter alia, the Health, Safety and Environment Policy of the Company, performance on health, safety and environment matters and the procedures and controls being followed at various manufacturing facilities of the Company and compliance with the relevant statutory provisions.